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October 26, 2015


Busy, busy, busy! I have been all over the place. We got settled into our new home and then work and life happened. Been trying to get some sort of schedule down. For the past couple months we have gone through a lot of ups and downs. Been under quite a bit of stress lately. Because of all the stuff going on, I have been having trouble sleeping. And if you have trouble sleeping you know, the next is really hard on your body and your mind.

One night I was doing my usual, worrying about things I couldn't change, and I caught myself wondering why I was wasting all this time instead of getting my beauty sleep. Have you ever tried to force yourself not to think? It's a little difficult.
The next day I made a point to look up yoga videos and start making a plan on yoga and mediation. I needed to learn to not think and get a part of day where I could recharge. Check out this article on basic ways to Recharge your body and your mind. I did a little of both. Being active or physical as well as meditation.

Once I found a yoga video that I felt would be at the pace I wanted I got settled in and pushed play. After a few poses I found, I wasn't listening to the instructor but still in my head worrying and just following the yogi's moves. Frustrated I thought back to my Maine Yoga Fest weekend. I had so much fun and the rest of the week I felt amazing and happy. I tried thinking of those couple of days and what maybe I needed to add to my routine. And then it came to me, music. When I was in my yoga classes, they would play music in the background, calming tones without lyrics. Where do you find music for yoga for free? YouTube! Well, that's where I found mine.

I now have my favorites. Following several channels and returning to the videos that I felt the most relaxed and comfortable listening to. The one above is for when I'm doing yoga or when I just need 5 or 10 minutes of silence in my head. I love it when I'm working and I just need to concentrate or just dealt with an unpleasant person. The customer is always right ya know! So it's just nice to center myself and get back into a neutral mood.

The videos are all different lengths. They start out at 3 hours but some are as long as 8 hours long. The one above I play right before I go to bed. Placing my phone near my pillow, I play the video and pray. I start out asking for help with everything going on and what I feel I can't handle. Once I feel that it's going into complaining mode, I start thanking God for the things I do have and things I can do. At some point I fall asleep.

Now these videos, yoga, and praying has worked for me, but it's understandable that it may not work for you. Some steps to figure out what does? Check out the link above titled Recharge and pick out a couple to try. Do them for a week and be consistent. A certain time every day or after a particular unpleasant event. Figure out which one works best for you. Your body isn't meant to continuously take on stress. That's why we are able to laugh or cry. We have breaking points that help us let go of everything all at once. Or we have some breaks from pain with a smile or giggle. Don't let stress hold you down. Take the time every day to push Reset. Your mind and body will thank you. You'll be more adaptable to your situations. You'll be more productive. And you'll be happier.

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August 29, 2015

Maine Yoga Fest (Day 2)

When I first bought my ticket for the MYF I lived in South Portland, maybe 15 minutes away. Now that I moved I am now 50 minutes away. So it was an early morning for my husband. We both got ready and he drove into town and then went to work. When he dropped me off I was maybe an hour early, my volunteer shift didn't start until 10:30. I found Terri Patterson.

Volunteer: My assignment I volunteered for was to assist vendor village. I admit my original thought was that I would check them in, but helping each of the vendors actually set up their tents was pretty cool. Not only did I learn how to set up a tent, but I got to see everything before it was laid out all pretty. I have a thing for setting up events and placement since I set up candy buffet for Candy Craze. Seeing it like a puzzle and watching as everything came together was really neat. And I met soooo many people.

The pamphlet that they had out, Map & Sponsors
Class Schedule
Vendor Village: there were so many different vendors! There were bigger names that I'm sure you have heard of like LL Bean and then some small names I had never heard of before like Garbage to Garden. In between helping put up tents and unloading products I saw jewelry, clothing, yogibo chairs, Bei Capelli salon braiding hair and even rock climbing. Another one of my favorite things to do . . . shopping. Every chance I got I was looking as I walked past to see if I found anything I couldn't live without. And apparently it ended up there's was a lot I couldn't live with out. However, I had to work! When I was doing anything and I walked past a vendor I asked if they needed help and let them know all they had to do was ask, that's what I was there for. Another thing I like to do, help others. I've actually read that people who help others are happier. It works for me!





People: Terri, volunteer coordinator. She was awesome! There was a lot to do and as you know nothing really goes as planned. She was on top of it, juggling and placing volunteers where needed and never stopping. Sarah, MYF team member was amazing too. She helped set up and show instructors where their classrooms were and even took time to talk to me about finding passion in teaching others. I also worked along side other volunteers. Everyone was friendly and hardworking. I also saw my new friend from the Yoga Rave the night before doing slack line Yoga!

Ball Rolling Yoga: So my last assignment as a MYF volunteer I helped check in students for a Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga class taught by Maura Reminga the the Willard Beach Studio . Before arriving for the class I was told I could also attend the class if I wanted after helping the instructor with set and anything else they needed. I have to admit I didn't like rolling on the ball at first. The ball was filled with air and did not have a lot of give. And for such a small ball it felt like it hurt more than anything. All the positions were super slow, sitting in one position, then moving every so slightly up, so the ball would go up your backside, then slowly up your back. Even though it was necessary to be slow so you wouldn't hurt yourself, I couldn't wait for the class to be over. We did one side which seemed like forever. Then the instructor had us lie down and asked who our right side felt compared to our left which we hadn't done yet. I was shocked. My right side felt like I'd gotten a deep tissue message. It was warm and loose. I had an Ah-ha moment. Though it was a little painful or uncomfortable I can definitely appreciate ball rolling yoga. Need a deep tissue message? Do it yourself!

Right after the Ball Rolling Yoga class I helped the other class set up and was on my way to see who else needed help, when my husband called. Had to go! He was my ride home. Over all another fantastic day. It was just go go in the morning and by the evening I was all relaxed. I only had one more day of the MYF to go. Which is when all my classes were scheduled for. Super pumped for the next day I hopped in the car for the ride home, wondering why is this only one day a year!?

As always thanks for reading. 
Tune in next time and check out Day 3 of the 2015 MYF

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July 25, 2015

Maine Yoga Fest (Day 1)

As always, I'm trying to find things to do and people to meet. Still working from home and only my husband for conversation, a girl has needs that girl talk ya know? One day in April, I was roaming twitter and Maine Things To Do  ( link ) twitted about a 2015 Yoga Festival. I figured I already missed it. I tend to find really cool things a week after they happen. But I clicked on video attached and was thrilled to see at the end of the video it was in July! I had to go! So the next couple of blogs are going to be a day by day of the festival. Which was pretty exciting stuff! 

The first day was July 10th. It was a grand opening of sorts. It started at 6 pm where there was a Red Carpet Premier. Basically you arranged and could get your picture taken with the Maine YogaFest in the background. The photographer had a spiffy printer that would instantly print out the picture with the MYF logo on it. Very snazzy. Of course I was distracted and didn't get end up getting to do one. But there's always next year.  

The MYF Crew posing for the red carpet.
After the initial Red Carpet and everyone got registered and signed in, there was the Black Light Yoga Rave! I had never done Black Light Yoga and didn't really know what to expect, expect that it would be in the dark. The MYF crew and several volunteers decorated the entire East End Community School. Most of the decorations were set up and lent to the MYF by Asia West Imported. Beautiful sculptures and even pillows filled the hallways and classrooms. 

The Gym Transformed!
The lights were turned down in the gym and long ropes hung from the ceiling. Everything looked so cool and I had no idea what to do. I saw a large crowd standing by stables putting on temporary tattoos and glow in the dark body paint, but I didn't really see a line or who was in charge. Finally a young woman had mercy on me. She came up to me and asked if I came by myself, then explained she did too! She ended up helping me find a couple temporary tattoos and apply them. The glow in the dark body paint was little out of my comfort zone, plus I had no idea what to draw! Once we were all set we found a place to mats together.

One half or the class waiting.
We set our mats in the middle and turns out the instructor's mat was at the center too. We were right by the Yogi teacher! Beyafore the Black Light Yoga Flow class started they had a performance by an Areal Yoga instructor, which was absolutely beautiful. I was suddenly regretting not signing up for that workshop.  

Then the class started. They lights turned off and the black lights were switched on. They had a DJ that played techno music that was a little fast but not like club dancing fast. No lyrics just music. The yoga was a faster paced yoga flow instructed by Caitlin Marcoux from Nantucket. I loved her energy and the way she motivated the instructions. At one point we were all in some sort of pretzel concentrating on our balance, I remember my legs straining, and she told us all to look across the room and look at another student and smile at them. Because if you are smiling you can push through anything. 

During the Black Light Yoga Rave!

With Day 1 of the Maine Yoga Fest over I was super excited to see what the next two days were going to be like. I learned so many different positions in the yoga flow and I felt like I could have run a marathon with all the stretching and energy I had. And I can't wait to do Black Light Yoga again! Next time I need some spiffy pants that will glow brighter. After all of this, I can't help but think how I went by myself and had a blast, met some amazing people and did something I never thought I would do. Super exciting stuff! So as always I hope this inspires you to get out of your shell or find something that your passionate about. Don't be afraid to go alone, you never know who you're going to meet. And don't be afraid you're not going to enjoy it, just go for it and experience it! Learn and grow as much as you can. Life is to short.

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July 16, 2015

Pat's Pizza (review date night)


Date night! So my husband and I moved, AGAIN! From an apartment in the city to a house near a pond. We are excited about having so much room for activities! (Brother's movie reference). The house is a lot bigger than our city apartment and somehow we are only paying $100 dollars more a month. The house itself is gorgeous and the area seems very friendly and quiet. But now we don't know where to go to eat! After living in the city we knew our fast food date nights and our pricey romantic date nights. Now, in new territory, we have to try a of bunch new places. Introducing Pat's Pizza! 

Hours: One of the reasons my husband and I chose to drive 20 minutes to Pat's Pizza, other than both of us craving pizza asap, was because their website said they closed at 11 pm at night. Everything else was closing at 10 pm and it was just about 9:30 pm when we decided neither one of us wanted to cook. After unpacking boxes of pots and pans who wants to get them all out and cook on them? We were a little worried when we started out. It was a Tuesday night and we assumed that the restaurant wouldn't be busy and the crew wouldn't want to serve us. To out surprise their parking lot was filled with cars and when we walked in they were mildly busy. 

Lay Out: We have been to another Pat's Pizza before in Scarborough and the lay out was a little different. You went through a side door and down into a basement area where the bar is on the right and the booths on the left. It functions fine, however, if you've never been there before it's a little weird. I remember thinking. "What do they do with the rest of this big building?" Windham's, however, is more like a traditional restaurant. Ironically, right when you walk in the bar is again on the right and the dining is on the left. 

Service: Unfortunately not a selling point. However, to be fair, it was close to closing time. In any case the waitress seemed distracted. She was not overly friendly but she was not at all rude. She served her purpose and did her job. My husband used to be a server, so he takes actions as a waiter/waitress seriously. I on the other had just want my food. 

Menu: The menu was pretty easy to navigate. Prices were decent. I personally like when menus have pictures, it usually sways my decision making a bit. I had nothing to go off with these menus so we took our time going over the list of pizzas. 

Food: The pizza was AMAZING. The deciding factor on food was a Chicken and Basil pizza and a Pastrami and Cheese Sub. The toppings on the pizza were chicken, basil, mushrooms, provolone, and cheddar cheese. The chicken appeared to be fresh, some pieces rather large, so you could tell it wasn't from a can or processed. The chicken was also moist and everything was baked perfectly. My husband had 2 favorite things about the pizza was the basil (the perfect amount apparently) and the thin crust. I couldn't stop eating. The gourmet pizza along was $13 for a large. And we had leftovers! 4 slices of pizza. The Sub . . . my husband was more than slightly disappointed. His exact words, "it's not anything special." I guess the pizza was too perfect. The sub was a small amount of shaved pastrami with some cheese. He ate half and we left the other half behind.    

So all in all, another great and cheap date night. Left with some amazing pizza for left overs and didn't may over $25.00 for two hungry people. 

Thanks for reading and if you're ever in town you best go to Pat's Pizza.
Save me a slice, would ya'?

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June 21, 2015

5k Color Vibe - Portland, ME

Again, getting out and doing stuff is great for you and your personal achievements! A new friend of mine drove all the way up from Massachusetts to do the 5k with me. She picked me up around 8 AM and we were over at Edward Payson Park in Portland, ME. Check out the Runner's Guide to see the course and merchandise.  

Location: Was awesome! The trail was beautiful and in a great part of town. Low traffic and the scenery was lovely for a park in the middle of a city. The water was low but still very beautiful. The track or trail was a semi-perfect circle which made it easy to navigate and wrapped around the entire body of water. I have been to other Color Runs and because of their available space they tend to zig zag up one street, down another in order to get the full distance in.     

Charity: The purpose of the Color Vibe is not only to have some color crazy fun but to help out local charities. This 5K helped raise money for the Wounded Heroes Program of Maine which is a non-profit organization to support wounded veterans who return home and due to their injuries need assistance.   

Duration: Because of how the trail was set up, it was a little difficult to pass those who were walking. So my friend and I pretty much walked a majority and ran here and there. From start to finish it took us about an hour. Which means we kept a pace of walking, but I didn't make my goal. I think we had fun just talking and seeing a place we both had never been before. 

After Party: The crowd at the after party was smaller than I'm used to, but the crowd was responsive and lively. The DJ actually brought some of the audience up to dance on stage! We of course did the Cha Cha Slide and grooved! 

Signage and Set Up: So over all we had a really great time! The only issue we had was that we were unfamiliar with the area. So my new friend and I walked the trail looking for people covered in colored powered. There were no signs leading to the location where we were supposed to meet. It was so confusing. We google mapped and the map was like You Are Here! So we walked the trail that were thought was it and looked for signs or pink and purple people. Finally after walking maybe 45 minutes we see around across from the trail all dressed in white and heard music player. Found It! So I guess we got our warm up, can't complain I suppose. 

After Party: The crowd at the after party was smaller than I'm used to, but the crowd was responsive and lively. The DJ actually brought some of the audience up to dance on stage! We of course did the Cha Cha Slide and grooved! 

Had a blast at Color Vibe 5k! If you would like to join in the fun then check out the official website, Color Vibe 5K Run has events all over the country. So check it out there's probably one near you coming up. Remember that these events are not only great for the whole family but help out charities in your local community. 

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May 30, 2015

Love the Unlovables

So I've been struggling lately with people I get frustrated with. There is someone in particular that I am losing my patience with and I just get angry every time I hear something about them or speak with them. I don't yell at them and I don't tell them I'm annoyed by the things that they do. I do, however, complain about them to my husband and I think about the things I wish I could tell them all the time. Which are usually blunt mean statements. Even though I know this person needs help and they don't know what they are doing wrong, I still let their actions get under my skin.

I also have been trying to take my bible studying seriously. Since I don't have a church where I currently live I don't have anyone telling me what to learn and look up. A friend of mine told me about New Spring Church  which is located in South Carolina. They are a growing church with several campuses and they record their serves to be posted. I watch them from time to time and I just noticed they have devotionals as well. Which would be more independent study. So I poked around clicked on a random devotional and started reading. How To Love the Unlovable.

Of course I had my bible app handy and started following along and was taking pen to paper when it started to sink in what this was all about. It ended up being about me and my mindset when it came to a certain person. 1 John 3:14-15 "We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brothers. Whoever hates not love abides in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer has eternal life abiding in him."

It really hit home. I may not be an actual murderer but in my heart I know that it is ruling me. It's creating darkness and a hate that isn't just staying directed at one person but spreading into conversation and views when I talk to my husband about things. When I read the devotion I knew immediately that God was telling me I need to let things go. Be more forgiving or at least understanding. This person is struggling with many things and I guess what upsets me is I don't see any attempt at trying to get better. But after reading the devotional, I know that my outlook and my lack of loving action is not helping solve anything either.

Positive thought for this week is to be understanding of other's pain. To be more gentle and loving toward others no matter their actions. And lastly to help those who need it most and don't realize how lost they are.

Thanks for reading 

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May 17, 2015

Self Pity Holding You Back

So when other people aren't dragging us down, what holds us back from reaching our goals? Us! As in me or the great I can't. I recently read an article titled, 9 Ways Mentally Strong People Prevent Self-Pity From Sabotaging Their Success. Super long name but the article was interesting. It makes sense that successful and/or happy people are the way they are because of their mindset. They see things differently. They don't dwell and they don't complain. They look at what's in front of them and push through, instead of trying to go around it or even turn around and take the easier path.

So this week's positive thought is SNAP OUT OF IT. :) We all have bad days and bad times, but it's how we handle those situations that make us or break us.

Bad days and time periods are always going to be in our life. They are always going to pop up when you don't want them too. But if you just sit back and say well there's nothing I can do then you're right, nothing will get done. Nothing will ever change. Nothing will ever get better. When you look at your situation and think it will never get better then it won't because you said it won't. Because you didn't look at your situation and raise to the challenge. 

Not going to lie, I don't like my current situation. I live in an area where I don't know anyone. I work from home so I meet no one and my husband works really long shifts so I'm home alone with the animals all day long. Though I love my fur babies they are not much for conversation or motivation. In fact they motivate me to snuggle with them and sleep the day away, but then the bills wouldn't get paid and the house wouldn't be clean. Since I work from home I must get myself out of bed, set a schedule, and stick to it. I walk the dog every day to get me out of the house and make sure I don't wear my pajamas all day long. I look for groups and clubs to join in my area so I can get to know the neighborhood and hopeful make some lasting friendships. Next week I'm going to be in a 5k with a friend I met once at short film where we both volunteered as extras. I can't change where I am. My husband's work is here and this is where we live now, over 16 hours away from my friends of 10 years and 30 hours away from my family. This is it. So I could pout and whine and complain. Or I can search the internet and get involved in something. 

Life isn't always fair, but if we lie down it will continue to hold us because we are allowing it to. So get up! Change your mind set and figure out how to push through, because the other side is going to make you stronger mentally and change your environment for the better. Check out the article above and start making some changes mentally. Start looking at your situations differently and you'll start to see once your mindset is strong you'll be able to reach those goals or that happiness you want so much. But you have to change the way you think and then you need to put those thoughts to action. No one else is going to change the way you think about things. You can though. You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Thanks for reading!

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May 9, 2015

Patience (Fur Babies?)

So my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now. I'm terrified and would rather he had the baby, but I'm told it doesn't work that way, bummer. There are several reasons why I am afraid, the pain, the future lack of sleep, and the expenses all sound so overwhelming. But after we had this huge talk of God will make it happen and we can handle anything together nothing has happened. In the meantime my husband is a rather bad habit and rescuing animals and bringing them home. At one time we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. Since we moved here we now have 3 male cats and one dog. Three out of the four were found.

Sasha: A beagle mix who was found in a nearby local park was wondering around the park for several days before my husband finally broke down and brought her home. He was still living with his parents at the time and they were not happy. But who could say not the face! She is lazy, snuggly, and extremely loud.

Japetto: Bought from the shelter as a kitten. The only animal we paid for. My husband loves cats and has always had a cat growing up, Japetto was his birthday present. He is grey and adorable. Has so much pride and sneaky habits. One thing that he just can't stop is chewing on charger cables. We buy 2-3 phone chargers a year.

Rusty: On Thanksgiving day my husband kept saying he heard a cat mewing outside. Sure enough an orange kitten was hiding under our porch. He was wild and and terrified of my husband. Took 3 hours to catch him and he bit my husband. For 2 years he was the scared cat that would hide all day long. He never came out unless he was hungry. Since we moved, which was even more traumatic for him, he has opened up a little. He will let us pick him up, snuggle for a little, and sometimes he will sleep near our bed, but hardly ever with us.

Bonkers: Found in the city, he was dangerously thin, scabby, and crazy cuddly. He acclimated with the other cats really well, pretty much ignored them and slept all day. He is lazy, needy, demands snuggling and once in a while he meows loudly until someone holds him or plays with him.

Even though we have been trying for a child I feel like we have 4 already. They all have their strange habits. We spoil them in different ways. We yell at them differently (ex: you say his name sternly and he panics, Japetto you have to yell and chase him, he will continue you do whatever he wants til you get up and got after him). Their personalities are completely different and we would do anything for them. Recently Sasha was diagnosed with cancer, roughly $4,000 dollars later she is walking and thinks she can jump and run.

I guess my positive thought for this week is that sometimes you may be happy and right where you need to be even though you think you want something more. Maybe there is something else we haven't gone through, that God thinks we need more time. Or maybe we are meant to adopt a lonely child who needs our patience. Either way positive thought to meditate on is Patience. Now I'm not saying give up. As a couple trying to add another to the family we haven't given up. But whatever is supposed to happen will happen. In the meantime we can love our Fur Children and plan for other possibilities. So don't stop attempting to reach your dreams. Instead plan, research, and find the path you are supposed to follow.

Have Sweeter Day than Yesterday. 

May 2, 2015

Amature Photo Shoot

So I finished up the necklaces for my girlfriend's wedding. I made a necklace her with matching earrings and 2 necklaces for her bridesmaids. I was excited how they turned out. I have also thought about selling similar necklaces before and mentioned wanting more professional pictures to my mom. I was on pinterest.com and saw a handmade Light Box. Instead my mom surprised me by buying me a light box for Christmas. Here is a video of someone opening up the kit that my mother bought me. 

I've already tried it out but I wanted to share a photo shoot I did outside. The first couple of times I tried it inside and my lighting was pretty limited, so I decided try to use the sun. There were a couple complications try to use the sun. If my head wasn't casting a shadow my camera was. But I think I finally figured out a solution. I'm sure it will be an adventure every time.

My set up outside:

And here are some before and after editing:

So there you have it. Even though I'm not a pro, I don't think they look that bad. My mom bought the kit from Amazon.com and there are a lot of different sizes and type up kits to choose from. If you are looking to have some simple backgrounds instead of the normal house clutter in the background you should check out some options. 

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