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July 25, 2015

Maine Yoga Fest (Day 1)

As always, I'm trying to find things to do and people to meet. Still working from home and only my husband for conversation, a girl has needs that girl talk ya know? One day in April, I was roaming twitter and Maine Things To Do  ( link ) twitted about a 2015 Yoga Festival. I figured I already missed it. I tend to find really cool things a week after they happen. But I clicked on video attached and was thrilled to see at the end of the video it was in July! I had to go! So the next couple of blogs are going to be a day by day of the festival. Which was pretty exciting stuff! 

The first day was July 10th. It was a grand opening of sorts. It started at 6 pm where there was a Red Carpet Premier. Basically you arranged and could get your picture taken with the Maine YogaFest in the background. The photographer had a spiffy printer that would instantly print out the picture with the MYF logo on it. Very snazzy. Of course I was distracted and didn't get end up getting to do one. But there's always next year.  

The MYF Crew posing for the red carpet.
After the initial Red Carpet and everyone got registered and signed in, there was the Black Light Yoga Rave! I had never done Black Light Yoga and didn't really know what to expect, expect that it would be in the dark. The MYF crew and several volunteers decorated the entire East End Community School. Most of the decorations were set up and lent to the MYF by Asia West Imported. Beautiful sculptures and even pillows filled the hallways and classrooms. 

The Gym Transformed!
The lights were turned down in the gym and long ropes hung from the ceiling. Everything looked so cool and I had no idea what to do. I saw a large crowd standing by stables putting on temporary tattoos and glow in the dark body paint, but I didn't really see a line or who was in charge. Finally a young woman had mercy on me. She came up to me and asked if I came by myself, then explained she did too! She ended up helping me find a couple temporary tattoos and apply them. The glow in the dark body paint was little out of my comfort zone, plus I had no idea what to draw! Once we were all set we found a place to mats together.

One half or the class waiting.
We set our mats in the middle and turns out the instructor's mat was at the center too. We were right by the Yogi teacher! Beyafore the Black Light Yoga Flow class started they had a performance by an Areal Yoga instructor, which was absolutely beautiful. I was suddenly regretting not signing up for that workshop.  

Then the class started. They lights turned off and the black lights were switched on. They had a DJ that played techno music that was a little fast but not like club dancing fast. No lyrics just music. The yoga was a faster paced yoga flow instructed by Caitlin Marcoux from Nantucket. I loved her energy and the way she motivated the instructions. At one point we were all in some sort of pretzel concentrating on our balance, I remember my legs straining, and she told us all to look across the room and look at another student and smile at them. Because if you are smiling you can push through anything. 

During the Black Light Yoga Rave!

With Day 1 of the Maine Yoga Fest over I was super excited to see what the next two days were going to be like. I learned so many different positions in the yoga flow and I felt like I could have run a marathon with all the stretching and energy I had. And I can't wait to do Black Light Yoga again! Next time I need some spiffy pants that will glow brighter. After all of this, I can't help but think how I went by myself and had a blast, met some amazing people and did something I never thought I would do. Super exciting stuff! So as always I hope this inspires you to get out of your shell or find something that your passionate about. Don't be afraid to go alone, you never know who you're going to meet. And don't be afraid you're not going to enjoy it, just go for it and experience it! Learn and grow as much as you can. Life is to short.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you have a Sweeter Day than Yesterday