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May 17, 2015

Self Pity Holding You Back

So when other people aren't dragging us down, what holds us back from reaching our goals? Us! As in me or the great I can't. I recently read an article titled, 9 Ways Mentally Strong People Prevent Self-Pity From Sabotaging Their Success. Super long name but the article was interesting. It makes sense that successful and/or happy people are the way they are because of their mindset. They see things differently. They don't dwell and they don't complain. They look at what's in front of them and push through, instead of trying to go around it or even turn around and take the easier path.

So this week's positive thought is SNAP OUT OF IT. :) We all have bad days and bad times, but it's how we handle those situations that make us or break us.

Bad days and time periods are always going to be in our life. They are always going to pop up when you don't want them too. But if you just sit back and say well there's nothing I can do then you're right, nothing will get done. Nothing will ever change. Nothing will ever get better. When you look at your situation and think it will never get better then it won't because you said it won't. Because you didn't look at your situation and raise to the challenge. 

Not going to lie, I don't like my current situation. I live in an area where I don't know anyone. I work from home so I meet no one and my husband works really long shifts so I'm home alone with the animals all day long. Though I love my fur babies they are not much for conversation or motivation. In fact they motivate me to snuggle with them and sleep the day away, but then the bills wouldn't get paid and the house wouldn't be clean. Since I work from home I must get myself out of bed, set a schedule, and stick to it. I walk the dog every day to get me out of the house and make sure I don't wear my pajamas all day long. I look for groups and clubs to join in my area so I can get to know the neighborhood and hopeful make some lasting friendships. Next week I'm going to be in a 5k with a friend I met once at short film where we both volunteered as extras. I can't change where I am. My husband's work is here and this is where we live now, over 16 hours away from my friends of 10 years and 30 hours away from my family. This is it. So I could pout and whine and complain. Or I can search the internet and get involved in something. 

Life isn't always fair, but if we lie down it will continue to hold us because we are allowing it to. So get up! Change your mind set and figure out how to push through, because the other side is going to make you stronger mentally and change your environment for the better. Check out the article above and start making some changes mentally. Start looking at your situations differently and you'll start to see once your mindset is strong you'll be able to reach those goals or that happiness you want so much. But you have to change the way you think and then you need to put those thoughts to action. No one else is going to change the way you think about things. You can though. You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Thanks for reading!

Have a Sweeter Day Than Yesterday!