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July 16, 2015

Pat's Pizza (review date night)


Date night! So my husband and I moved, AGAIN! From an apartment in the city to a house near a pond. We are excited about having so much room for activities! (Brother's movie reference). The house is a lot bigger than our city apartment and somehow we are only paying $100 dollars more a month. The house itself is gorgeous and the area seems very friendly and quiet. But now we don't know where to go to eat! After living in the city we knew our fast food date nights and our pricey romantic date nights. Now, in new territory, we have to try a of bunch new places. Introducing Pat's Pizza! 

Hours: One of the reasons my husband and I chose to drive 20 minutes to Pat's Pizza, other than both of us craving pizza asap, was because their website said they closed at 11 pm at night. Everything else was closing at 10 pm and it was just about 9:30 pm when we decided neither one of us wanted to cook. After unpacking boxes of pots and pans who wants to get them all out and cook on them? We were a little worried when we started out. It was a Tuesday night and we assumed that the restaurant wouldn't be busy and the crew wouldn't want to serve us. To out surprise their parking lot was filled with cars and when we walked in they were mildly busy. 

Lay Out: We have been to another Pat's Pizza before in Scarborough and the lay out was a little different. You went through a side door and down into a basement area where the bar is on the right and the booths on the left. It functions fine, however, if you've never been there before it's a little weird. I remember thinking. "What do they do with the rest of this big building?" Windham's, however, is more like a traditional restaurant. Ironically, right when you walk in the bar is again on the right and the dining is on the left. 

Service: Unfortunately not a selling point. However, to be fair, it was close to closing time. In any case the waitress seemed distracted. She was not overly friendly but she was not at all rude. She served her purpose and did her job. My husband used to be a server, so he takes actions as a waiter/waitress seriously. I on the other had just want my food. 

Menu: The menu was pretty easy to navigate. Prices were decent. I personally like when menus have pictures, it usually sways my decision making a bit. I had nothing to go off with these menus so we took our time going over the list of pizzas. 

Food: The pizza was AMAZING. The deciding factor on food was a Chicken and Basil pizza and a Pastrami and Cheese Sub. The toppings on the pizza were chicken, basil, mushrooms, provolone, and cheddar cheese. The chicken appeared to be fresh, some pieces rather large, so you could tell it wasn't from a can or processed. The chicken was also moist and everything was baked perfectly. My husband had 2 favorite things about the pizza was the basil (the perfect amount apparently) and the thin crust. I couldn't stop eating. The gourmet pizza along was $13 for a large. And we had leftovers! 4 slices of pizza. The Sub . . . my husband was more than slightly disappointed. His exact words, "it's not anything special." I guess the pizza was too perfect. The sub was a small amount of shaved pastrami with some cheese. He ate half and we left the other half behind.    

So all in all, another great and cheap date night. Left with some amazing pizza for left overs and didn't may over $25.00 for two hungry people. 

Thanks for reading and if you're ever in town you best go to Pat's Pizza.
Save me a slice, would ya'?

Have a sweeter day than yesterday.