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December 2, 2016

Bonnie Eagle Craft Fair

I love craft fairs! And this year I was lucky enough to have one 3 minutes from my house. My husband and I managed to find a couple hours before we both had to work. This is the first time we had been to the local Craft Fair so we had no idea what to expect. If we had any expectations they were surely exceeded.

The Bonnie Eagle High School Craft Fair was amazing. So many beautiful handmade things. Scarves, hats, gloves, felt ornaments, ribbon ornaments, wooden boxes, paintings, pressed flowers, quilts, wreaths, and jewelry.

As soon as you walked into the building tables with hand crafted wood works and hand painted projects filled the hallway. When you finally got through the hallway, you enter the gymnasium now turned into a craft bazaar. After about an hour or so in the gym you make your way back into the hall and realize there is a whole other hallway leading deeper into the school filled with more vendors side by side. They snake around most of the halls lined up against lockers and find your way to the cafeteria where all the tables have been replaced by more vendors and hand made crafts.   

If you are ever in Maine and passing through Buxton or Standish, Maine I strongly suggest visiting when around November to stop in to Craft Fair. 

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