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March 28, 2015

Be Kind

Here we go! Positive thought of the week!

Going through my twitter I came across this article on Daily Cup of Yoga . The article opens with a quote from Aldous Huxley who was a famous author of novels, articles and Hollywood screenplays. He was asked at a lecture he was giving, "what is the most effective technique for transforming their life?" After all his years of research his answer was, "just be a little kinder."

I love that! The article goes on to say there are 3 ways that kindness changes your health and your own growth as a person.

1) Kindness Heals - being a positive person is healthy! When you are angry and hold grudges, you are putting a lot of effort into that festering feeling. You let those dark feelings build up and they continue to hold you down. When you learn to forgive and let go, your body also lets go of tension. Have you ever been angry at your boss for something and every day you came into work your stomach or head hurt immediately? Nothing those days went right? Everything you heard irritated you? Your stomach will eventually make you more than sick, maybe you'll end up with an ulcer. Stop letting things get to you. Once you learn to let things go your body will relax as well. Remember that everyone is human just like you.

2) Successful People are Kind - the article mentions that success isn't always about money. Success is different for different people. But those who have gone though miserable times and overcame them want to share that wealth of positivity and victory. The only example I can think of right now is an alcoholic who lost everything and through years of work staying sober, keeping a job, building relationships they lost, and having pride in what they of gained now see others who are struggling and want reach out to coach and be that person's sponsor. You can be a sponsor to someone. It's called being a mentor. Finding those who want to be where you are. Maybe you're financially sound or you've lost weight. That is success, Congratulations! There are those around you who are not where you are, they are struggling. Help those who need you in their life and see the greatness that will spread around you.

3)  Kindness Brings Meaning to Our Lives - it's true! By changing your every daily attitude, you'll be healthier. Mind and body. Then with your mind clear, you make decisions that are thought out and move you forward. Then you reach a mile stone in your life that shows you, you can do anything you set your mind to! After reaching one goal, your on to the next and someone near you is struggling and you take them along for the ride. They learn from you and your mistakes, your challenges, and your victories. They reach a goal of theirs and they help someone who is around them. You may never be on television for your great deeds, but you will continue to grow as a person. And in turn you will see those around you grow. Those who don't always get along will see you different. They might not like you, but they will respect your drive, passion, and positive thinking.

So the positive thought for this week is to be nice to others, which will end up being a healthy choice that is pretty good to yourself. Don't let dark thoughts fester and keep you back from your potential. Be nice to those who you don't think deserve it as well as those who desperately need it. Once you start change your actions, those around you will see the difference and things will start to happen you never imagined.  


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