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June 30, 2016

Love Letters?

Should I be writing Love Letters to a married woman?

Let me explain. Recently a woman I am close with wrote me a letter, ultimately saying goodbye and that she could not take the struggle any longer. Her marriage has been rocky for several years now, she is raising a child that is not her own, she works long hours, and barely gets by on bills. Life was getting rough and her partner who is supposed to be a team player rooting for her, had stopped caring or participating. She had become a one woman team with a room mate who complained that the team wasn't making any goals.

The letter she wrote me was heart breaking. She was reaching out to me, not asking for help, but just letting me know she was done. She wanted someone to know that she had tried, and she wasn't giving up, but quitting the team altogether.

The letter through me. I didn't know what to say or how to fix the problem. The next few days it was stuck on my mind and I couldn't shake the feeling. I had a morning off from work and decided to stop into a shopping store. Passing by a rack, I saw shirts at fairly decent prices. Excited I started trying stuff on and by the end of my shopping spree, I only had one shirt in my shopping bag and it wasn't for me. In the end I bought my friend a shirt and some chocolate. When I got to her work place I just assumed I would get a sticky note and write her name on it. Instead I ended up with computer paper and a letter that made me cry.

I explained the shirt was beautiful just like her soul. And the chocolate was rich, just like her heart is rich with love. I spoke of her own inner strength. That it was deep within her and she could pull it forward on her own.

I thought writing the letter would make me feel like I was paying it forward. Make me happy and fuzzy inside. But as I wrote words of encouragement and strength, I became more saddened by each word. Was this my job? My responsibility? Perhaps as a friend, yes giving a loving word of advise and a small gift to bring joy for a moment. But as I finished up the letter I felt more and more like I was doing the man's job. Isn't your husband supposed to say he is sorry and send you flowers? Isn't he supposed to show up to your work and take you to lunch asking for forgiveness. Why was I the one to give her strength and hope, when I am not the one married to her? I'm not apart of the team. I'm not the coach or even the water-boy. If anything I may be a cheerleader, only standing on the side lines watching as the team attempts to make a goal happen.

In the end, it made her day, thanking me for my thoughts and gestures. How is her marriage? Still on the rocks. How is her job? Still long and hard labor. How are her bills? Still living a paycheck at a time. But for a moment she had a glow about her and in the end that is all that matters. That a small bit of hope was restored.

Have a Sweeter Day Than Yesterday  

June 27, 2016

The Empowerment Plan

It started out as a project for a college class. Instructed to design and make something that would fill a need, Veronica Scott walked into a homeless shelter to go to a direct source. She spoke with homeless people and asked them what they needed most. Most became anger by the the question, however, a few sat down and tossed some ideas. And that was when Veronica went home to work in her basement and design a coat that would keep warmth, keep out rain, and be able to expand into a sleeping bag. While researching the company I found the creator had been invited to do a Ted Talk! And as you know I love Ted Talks! For such a young person she has been able to do so much.

Max's Story  how The Empowerment Plan succeeded in changing lives.Here is an article about a woman who was finally released from prison and how Veronica's project did more than just keep one person warm. Veronica's open heart has not only created a coat that is functional but has actually succeeded in giving people lives back. With a steady job, a person can have a place to live and food in their belly.

Most of us see a homeless person and the street and judge them for their actions that led them there. This judgement is leads nowhere. Not only does it keep people on the streets but it shows us who we really are, selfish and small minded. We can't see past our noses. Understandable that we all have issues as well, but hearing Veronica's Empowerment Plan and how it creates jobs as well as helps the homeless, I can't help but be in awe of her natural brain process. Of course if you watch the video that introduced me to this fantastic idea, you'll see that everything just happened by chance. Even so, the idea and the process fascinates me. My hope is one day to meet Veronica in person and help in some small way. After all a leader who can be so young and so selfless is someone I wish to be near.

The Empowerment Plan for more information, this is their direct site.

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As always thank you for reading and I hope this motivated you to do something or create something for someone in need. If you know someone who could use a Empowerment Coat, please look up and see if it can be delivered to your area and I will pay for half of it. I love this idea and would like to spread this project worldwide.

Have a Sweeter Day than Yesterday 

June 10, 2016

Black Cap Mountain

Black Cap Mountain Hike

Finally went on a real hike in Maine! Well, on the border of Maine and New Hampshire. A little past North Conway, New Hampshire are the White Mountains and some beautiful trails. Before work, a friend of mine drove us out to North Conway to hike the Black Cap Mountain. I should have kept track of our time but I was too excited. First time on a mountain. We geared up with lightweight backpacks and water. My friend told me it should be no more than an hour up and then hour down. We started our day at 7 am. Got to North Conway by 8:30 and made it home by 1 pm. A pretty good morning! 

The path starts out just like a forest path should, lots of dirt, winding roots and scattered rocks.  It's still pretty early in the season, so the weather at 9 in the morning was perfect. Not to cold and not at all hot. Insects must have still been asleep, we forgot bug repellent and got lucky, didn't need it. I couldn't get over how green everything was. The leaves were almost neon with the sun shining through.  

Getting closer to the top, the dirt path started to become just rocks. All my previous hiking experiences have been through woods and mostly hills. Once we started actually trecking up the mountain, I actually had to climb rocks and boulders. Though it was more than I had expected it was perfect. 


The view from the top was gorgeous! The rock or stone in the picture was literally all around us. It was very quiet and peaceful, because it still kind of early in the morning, we only saw 2 couples while going up the mountain. Perfect for yoga and meditation! I was super bummed I didn't even think to bring my yoga mat. 

Descending we took a different trail which was mostly dirt and tiny pebbles. We actually had a tougher time slipping and sliding then we did climbing up. Once at the bottom we drove down the mountain a bit and saw some water I had to take pictures of. While walking along the stream we came across a Rock Balance sculpture someone had created. I love the simplicity of the art and the complexity of the balance at work within them. 

As always thanks for reading everyone! 
Have a Sweeter Day than Yesterday