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May 9, 2015

Patience (Fur Babies?)

So my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now. I'm terrified and would rather he had the baby, but I'm told it doesn't work that way, bummer. There are several reasons why I am afraid, the pain, the future lack of sleep, and the expenses all sound so overwhelming. But after we had this huge talk of God will make it happen and we can handle anything together nothing has happened. In the meantime my husband is a rather bad habit and rescuing animals and bringing them home. At one time we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. Since we moved here we now have 3 male cats and one dog. Three out of the four were found.

Sasha: A beagle mix who was found in a nearby local park was wondering around the park for several days before my husband finally broke down and brought her home. He was still living with his parents at the time and they were not happy. But who could say not the face! She is lazy, snuggly, and extremely loud.

Japetto: Bought from the shelter as a kitten. The only animal we paid for. My husband loves cats and has always had a cat growing up, Japetto was his birthday present. He is grey and adorable. Has so much pride and sneaky habits. One thing that he just can't stop is chewing on charger cables. We buy 2-3 phone chargers a year.

Rusty: On Thanksgiving day my husband kept saying he heard a cat mewing outside. Sure enough an orange kitten was hiding under our porch. He was wild and and terrified of my husband. Took 3 hours to catch him and he bit my husband. For 2 years he was the scared cat that would hide all day long. He never came out unless he was hungry. Since we moved, which was even more traumatic for him, he has opened up a little. He will let us pick him up, snuggle for a little, and sometimes he will sleep near our bed, but hardly ever with us.

Bonkers: Found in the city, he was dangerously thin, scabby, and crazy cuddly. He acclimated with the other cats really well, pretty much ignored them and slept all day. He is lazy, needy, demands snuggling and once in a while he meows loudly until someone holds him or plays with him.

Even though we have been trying for a child I feel like we have 4 already. They all have their strange habits. We spoil them in different ways. We yell at them differently (ex: you say his name sternly and he panics, Japetto you have to yell and chase him, he will continue you do whatever he wants til you get up and got after him). Their personalities are completely different and we would do anything for them. Recently Sasha was diagnosed with cancer, roughly $4,000 dollars later she is walking and thinks she can jump and run.

I guess my positive thought for this week is that sometimes you may be happy and right where you need to be even though you think you want something more. Maybe there is something else we haven't gone through, that God thinks we need more time. Or maybe we are meant to adopt a lonely child who needs our patience. Either way positive thought to meditate on is Patience. Now I'm not saying give up. As a couple trying to add another to the family we haven't given up. But whatever is supposed to happen will happen. In the meantime we can love our Fur Children and plan for other possibilities. So don't stop attempting to reach your dreams. Instead plan, research, and find the path you are supposed to follow.

Have Sweeter Day than Yesterday.