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March 21, 2015

Comfort Zones

Okay! It's time for another positive thought provoking blog from yours truly :)  

So I am not perfect. Hope ya'll know that. But I love to learn and I love to read about inspirational stories that kick me in the butt. Sometimes, just like everyone else, I let life get to me and I just have to look find that silver lining.

While recently talking to a friend who is having it rough, they mentioned struggling in making friends. I am in the same boat! When I moved here to Maine, I left my high school pals and my Ohio family behind. My husband and I moved up here for his work. So very often I feel very much alone. Also I work from home. My jobs requires a lot of emailing and answering the phone. So I also don't get out much. A little hard to make friends when you're at home 24/7. So one day I got fed up and where did I go to look for friends, craigslist of course. 

Really I was looking for some sort of craft show or event going on. So I was looking for maybe classes or knitting group that meets up every so often. While going through first events and then, artists and activities I happened to click on gigs for funzies. There I found a title for Background Extras Needed. And I thought I've always wanted to get into acting and I can stand in the background pretending to drink coffee

So I emailed a lil about myself and asked what they required of an extra. At the last minute I requested they email me something of their previous work so I had an idea of what I was getting into. They sent me the address and a youtube link that showed me their past work. I was super excited when y husband researched the address. The location was a sound studio in Portland, ME only 10 minutes away. Read Media Soundstage  I was so excited that is was a real studio and the youtube videos were professional looking. But I was also super nervous. I had never done anything like this before. No idea what to expect. But I just kept thinking if I didn't do it, then I would never know.

So Sunday morning happens. I am supposed to be a guest in a wedding and I'm not supposed to any flashy patterns or green, because they will be using a green screen while filming. All dressed up and on our way their I was super scared I wasn't going to make any friends and it was going to be awkward. We get there and I'm directed to a room that says Extras. My husband walks in with me to make sure I'm not going to be murdered and then he is off to work.

A picture of the actual room we filmed the wedding in. 

So from 9 AM to about 2 PM I was in a room with several others all dressed up for a wedding. The director, main cast, and camera crew didn't need us until almost 10 AM. So me and a group of strangers talked and ate donuts. Then we were asked to go into a room set on a white stage with a group of white chairs. We were instructed on what to do and then we heard the director shouted, "Quiet on set!" and a short pause and then "Action." It was amazing. The wedding wasn't what I thought it was going to be but the actors were great, the director was funny. And top of donuts we were given pizza. And the best part! I made friends! The bad part, my new friends live in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We got each other's information and one of my new found friends actually gave me a ride. 

So back to my friend and to anyone trying to find friends or just something to do, craigslist is not the answer! lol It might have some answers I suppose and it did somewhat work for me, but just tap into yourself and figure out your passion and hobbies. When you figure out what you're passionate about or even just curious about, GO FOR IT! Try it out. Look up classes, look up events, try something new. Nothing great ever came from sitting at home and waiting for life to come to you. Finding a friend usually takes time, but having something in common or seeing each other at the same events definitely helps. So I guess my advice to my dear friend and anyone out there reading this, get out of your comfort zone.

Thanks for reading!
Have a Sweeter Day Than Yesterday!