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February 16, 2015

Be Happy

Being positive isn't always easy. It should be and it can be, but you have to work at it. Work at being Positive? Yep. If you see or speak with a highly active and motivated person, you might wonder how are they always so excited and ready to take on everything. First thing you must know is that that isn't 24/7. They have bad days too, so don't get discouraged. Second thing you need to know is that it took that highly positive person a lot of time and work to keep that positive go-to attitude.

If you don't already know I am a worrier and I tend to dwell on things I can't change. Or I used to, a lot. While working at a store called Candy Craze I worked under a woman who tried her very best to solve every issue with fairness and with a positive outcome. Which helped me see that even though things can get bad you just need to get through them, learn from them, and solve them with a smile. Working with my old boss definitely changed my way of thinking, not only in the workplace but in my everyday life. 

Anyway, in my most recent job I am in charge of a couple business Facebooks and other social media networking. Part of my job is to find motivational entrepreneur articles to post on the business websites. While going through my typical sources I came across this list called 39 Habits of Extremely Happy People. I love the idea of the list and out of 39 here are my favorites. 

2. They have nice, positive things to say about others and do not gossip. 
When you say positive things about people you are thinking positive already plus whoever you're speaking to will think of you in a better light. So it's a great starting point when trying to change your outlook on things. If you are speaking ill of others, your thoughts are dark and will continue in that direction. 

5. They don't rehash the bad things that have happened to them. 
The past is the past. You can't go back and change it, so learn from it and move on. Constantly thinking about bad things that happened will make for a bad day and can keep taking up your time. Time you could be using to for the present. 

6. They know that another person won't increase their happiness.
People who look to others to make themselves happy, tend to not only be disappointed in those people they depend on but of course end up not very happy. You need to realize you make your own happiness. Looking more to hobbies to keep yourself busy, doing things you enjoy, or just taking time to find something that relaxes you and centers you. Looking to others to always cheer you up and keep your attitude in check will leave you always waiting. 

My husband is an extremely optimistic person. Always thinking of clever ways to help his team. One of his natural charms is his humor. When he tells me about his morning with his team I always end up asking if he even got any work done. You see my husband jokes a lot. But his team is loyal, positive, and they help each as well as believe in themselves. I think it's because their boss is smart but extremely silly and keeps them laughing. When talking to people try to smile more. Smiling and laughter is a medicine that's been around for years. 

15. They donate their time, energy, and money selflessly.
Happy people tend to see those around them struggling and want to spread their great fortune. Even if you are not at your best donating your time to someone can make a change. You may be in a bad mood, but you just made someone's day and that person smiles at you and thanks you. You know you're going to smile back. By helping those around you are creating a positive reaction that will spread, very similar to Pay It Forward. And usually what goes around comes around. By you helping that person out, you set into motion a chain reaction. It may not happen immediately, but you have done something good which will stir something inside of you. 

So if you are having trouble seeing the rainbow in the rain, you aren't looking hard enough. Stop focusing on the rain or how soaking wet you are. Focus on the positives. You're breathing, your belly is full, or maybe that you are about to get into your car and drive home where clean clothes are. And when you get there smile that you made it home! Smile when the clouds clear and you do see the colors of the rainbow. It doesn't matter that you got wet, what matters is that you made it though thinking of something better and knowing you were going to find that something better. Be grateful for what you have and who you are. And remember to share your happiness and wealth with others, because only good things come from great acts!

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