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May 8, 2016

Wedding Gifts Shadow Box

Wedding Gift 

Marriage is a beautiful thing! One of my dear friends got married this year and I really wanted her to have something hand made. I just didn't know what to make her! I really like making things for people. It's nice to know someone put in some thought when creating a gift for you. However, without knowing her house themes and colors, I didn't want to make something that she couldn't use year around or just in one room. So I decided on her wedding colors and a shadow box for wedding pictures. 

I've really wanted to make my husband and I one and just hadn't gotten around to it. This was my chance to play with ideas. Her colors were navy blue, coral and silver. When shopping everything silver looked more gray then anything, so I decided to just have the small flowers representing the lighter color. I like the idea of the coral color popping out while the navy served more as a border or background color. You'll though that there is a small block of navy in the middle so it's not entirely pink taking over the theme. I chose a light colored shadow box frame because I felt it would mesh well with any room she may put it in and also let the colors inside of all the eye attention. While creating the shadow box and moving things around I realized she probably would have other ideas or tastes, so everything is pinned in and removable.  

     Shadow Box / Frame

       Cardstock Paper

Stickers / Decorative Detail

      Extra Embellishments / Flowers


Shadow boxes are extremely easy to make and fun. The only time consuming thing about them is how long it takes you to decide on what you want where! But they are quick and very unique to any occasion for keepsake memories. Some ideas for shadow boxes could be; My Baby's Firsts, School Projects, Soccer or Sport Memories, Prom Night, First Date Night, Movie Night (save all movie tickets), Honeymoon, ext. The sky is the limit when it comes to your memories and how they can shy in a shadow box. With depth you can have shells or even the golf ball that won the championship. Hope you got some great ideas! I'd love to hear them! Leave some of your ideas in the comments.

Have a Sweeter Day than Yesterday!