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April 19, 2015

Les Brown (Video Review)

So I am a pretty big fan of John Maxwell and while watching one of his Minute with Maxwell daily videos he had A guest speaker named Les Brown was on the video and John mentioned that Les had been doing motivational speaking just as long as John had. I got curious and wanted to see his style of speaking. I found this older video on youtube.com and loved it! 

This Les Brown video is 48.59 minutes long. The Title is "You Deserve" with an introduction at the beginning and a short biography of the speaker. One thing that shocked me in the quick facts mentioned about Led is that growing up he was diagnosed EMR or Educated Mentally Retarded. During Les' speech he explains that when was young a teacher asked him to write something on the board, and Les told him he wasn't able to. The teacher insisted and when he asked Les why he couldn't Les explained that he was EMR. The teacher said, "Don't ever say that again. Someone's opinion of you does not have to be your reality." Les has done great things in his life time that he couldn't have done had he not started to think about himself differently.

It is an older video but still amazing lessons to be learned and right from the beginning you can feel Les' energy. I loved his booming voice and his timely placed humor. One thing he said that made me giggle was your always going to have problems. Life is hard, it's not perfect. So you need to invest in yourself. Take time to work on yourself. Ask what things do you need to improve? If you don't you: "Will wake up one day and find that your behind on your dreams and you bills"

I found myself laughing a lot and soaking in so much information. Les' energy was all over the stage and in his hands. He has a different technique that I hadn't seen yet. One thing he did was make the audience repeat phrases throughout his speech. He would say something and make the ground repeat it word for word. From it I got, if you say it yourself about yourself it's possible because you believe it. But you need to start believing it. Start by saying your goals or writing them down somewhere you can read it everyday.   

Even though the video is a bit long I did learn a lot. And it kind of opened my eyes on a couple view points. For example: "Develop the habit of doing more than what you're paid for." if you go into work right on time and you pack up your stuff 15 minutes before it's time to leave you're not cheating the company that you work for. You're cheating yourself by limiting yourself and creating bad habits. Get a habit of being mediocre than that is what you will become. Need to set high standards for yourself and who are want to be for your next job. We talk ourselves out of greatness all the time. Stop holding yourself back."   

Les also through out many quotes that I hadn't heard of before. Here a couple more things that I go from the video.  

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have one and not be prepared.”

– Whitney Young, Jr., American Civil Rights Leader

It doesn't take much to be a loser. Actually it takes no effort at all. It's easy to do nothing. It's easy to complain about your life and how people around you are succeeding. 

Practice makes Improvements, it's doesn't make perfection. There is not such thing. But you can always make improvements. Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Overall an amazing video and seeing the different hair style in the audience were pretty entertaining too. If you have time I definitely suggest you watch it. And if you don't have time do what I did, listened to it while working and cleaning my house. Remember that you have to take the time to invest in yourself. 

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