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January 24, 2015

Add Value To Others

So for a little over two years now I have been trying to bring more positivity into my life. I tend to be a worrier, a dweller, and someone who doesn't always have high esteem. While working at a company called Candy Craze my boss thought pretty high of me. She trusted me to run the store and handle things while she traveled to help other stores. While working for her she bought me a book to read during down time at work. The book was written by John C. Maxwell. I never finished the book, but I started following John Maxwell online as well as researched other popular speakers.

John Maxwell Books
One out of several reasons why I enjoyed my time working at Candy Craze was the faith that my boss had me; that I could get the job done. And that she wanted more for me as a person. Adding values to others is what makes a great leader. A quote by Tom Peters, "Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders," reminds me of her teaching methods and her energy.

Every time I think of my old boss I think of a great leader. She wanted what was best for everyone. She was fair in her decisions and what she expected of me and others. But what I loved most is the creativity and positivity that she passed on to me. I miss her greatly. 

This thought for the week came from my daily video from John Maxwell. He has a new video every day that is based on one word or phrase that is a positive outlook and seeing oneself more as a leader. So the word of the day was Add Value. If you are someone who is always waiting for good things to happen to you, I suggest you watch this video and sign up to receive the other daily videos. Because you need to make your future, it unfortunately it will not fall into your lap. 

The video really hit me though. John speaks about adding value to others around you. Not waking up every morning wanting someone to add value to you. Adding values to others is what makes you a great leader as well as a better person and it also makes you a more positive person as a whole. 

Well that's what was on my mind. So start being a positive influence in someone's life and you're bound to be a happier person with great opportunities. 

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